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Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017

In October 2003, the online DVD rental company was launched, using the DVD Rental System (DRS) to run the website, warehousing, DVD dispatch, customer service, ordering and reporting systems. These systems were designed and implemented within three months of inception and maintained following launch with a minimum of technical support due to the structure of DRS. Website content could be easily updated by non technical staff using the DRS Content Management System.

After launch, the platform continued to be developed to meet the needs of the growing business, streamlining the warehousing and dispatch system, to maximise throughput and minimise costs, and adding a fully featured Management Information System to support decision making.

The DRS platform enabled to take over three other UK online DVD rental businesses at the end of 2004, representing each as a white label with its original website design but the back end data, warehouse and processing managed as a single entity as part of the business. All of this was carried out in three months with the minimum of effort. Although was itself taken over later in 2005, by the company that was to become, the DRS platform continued to be developed into a multi-country, multi-lingual product with many new features.

In 2006 when LOVEFiLM decided to launch in Germany, the DRS platform was chosen to get the business up and running quickly. Within eight weeks, was launched with a fully featured website translated into German based on the design with modifications to the backend systems required to operate in the German market. The DRS platform successfully supported the growing business for two years until it was replaced with the main LOVEFiLM platform.